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Welcome to the Absegami High School Faculty Directory. The complete list of faculty is listed below. To search for a specific person, type their first or last name in the box below and click 'Search'.

To contact a faculty member by phone, note the following:

  • To reach a teacher's voicemail (if they have a 'Voicemail Ext.' listed), call 609-404-2073, then Press 2 to reach a faculty member, then enter their extension when prompted. You cannot enter a teacher's voicemail extension directly when calling the main school phone number. You must press 2 first.
  • To reach a faculty member with a direct number or extension, dial the number as listed below.
  • To contact a school administrator or department supervisor, click here.

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Last Name First Name Department Email Address Voicemail/Phone
Alten Scott English Salten@geh.nj.k12us.com Voicemail Ext. 5003
Amend Bill Social Studies Wamend@geh.nj.k12us.com Voicemail Ext. 5300
Aron Brian Administration baron@geh.nj.k12us.com 609-652-1372 x 3030
Avery Madeline Social Studies Mavery@geh.nj.k12us.com Voicemail Ext. 5301
Baker Brenna Science bbaker@geh.nj.k12us.com Voicemail Ext. 5201
Baldgya Amanda Related Arts abaldgya@geh.nj.k12us.com Voicemail Ext. 5604
Barber Kathy kbarber@geh.nj.k12us.com Voicemail Ext. 3410
Barry Laura World Languages Lbarry@geh.nj.k12us.com Voicemail Ext. 5059
Bell Chris Special Education Cbell@geh.nj.k12us.com Voicemail Ext. 5405
Bencivenga Carmella cbencivenga@geh.nj.k12us.com Voicemail Ext. 3120
Berret Carrie cberret@geh.nj.k12us.com Voicemail Ext. 3110
Bowles Brian English bbowles@geh.nj.k12us.com Voicemail Ext. 5019
Boyette Aurora World Languages Aboyette@geh.nj.k12us.com Voicemail Ext. 5007
Boylan Nancy Health & PE Nboylan@geh.nj.k12us.com Voicemail Ext. 5503
Boylan Tina Business Cboylan@geh.nj.k12us.com Voicemail Ext. 5700
Brady Rose Health & PE Rbrady@geh.nj.k12us.com Voicemail Ext. 5504
Breitzman Charles English Cbreitzman@geh.nj.k12us.com Voicemail Ext. 5008
Breitzman Cheryl Performing Arts Chbreitzman@geh.nj.k12us.com Voicemail Ext. 5601
Briles Kimberley Social Studies Kbriles@geh.nj.k12us.com Voicemail Ext. 5302
Brown James Special Education Jbrown@geh.nj.k12us.com Voicemail Ext. 5408
Burnell Pam Business Pburnell@geh.nj.k12us.com Voicemail Ext. 5701
Callaghan Brenda Supervisor bcallaghan@geh.nj.k12us.com 609-652-1372 x 3965
Callahan Judy English Jcallahan@geh.nj.k12us.com Voicemail Ext. 5011
Campbell Fran Related Arts Fcampbell@geh.nj.k12us.com Voicemail Ext. 5602
Caplan Larry English Lcaplan@geh.nj.k12us.com Voicemail Ext. 5013
Cardwell Kathleen Guidance Kcardwell@geh.nj.k12us.com 609-652-1372 x 3130
Carmody Annanda Performing Arts acarmody@geh.nj.k12us.com Voicemail Ext. 5622
Caruso Stephanie Math Scaruso@geh.nj.k12us.com Voicemail Ext. 5108
Cella Paula Math Pcella@geh.nj.k12us.com Voicemail Ext. 5109
Cervi Kelly Special Education Kcervi@geh.nj.k12us.com Voicemail Ext. 5450
Cramer Kim Social Studies Kcramer@geh.nj.k12us.com Voicemail Ext. 5304
Crist Karen Library Kcrist@geh.nj.k12us.com Voicemail Ext. 3525
Czaikowski Laura Special Services Lczaikowski@geh.nj.k12us.com Voicemail Ext. 5421
Davis Rebecca Social Studies Rdavis@geh.nj.k12us.com Voicemail Ext. 5306
DeBiaso Rocco Special Education Rdebiaso@geh.nj.k12us.com Voicemail Ext. 5414
Demary-Paone Bridget Special Education Bpaone@geh.nj.k12us.com Voicemail Ext. 5416
Esemplare Patrick Health & PE Pesemplare@geh.nj.k12us.com Voicemail Ext. 5512
Fanelli Michael Performing Arts Mfanelli@geh.nj.k12us.com Voicemail Ext. 5606
Fellman-Knott Asa World Languages Afellman-knott@geh.nj.k12us.com Voicemail Ext. 5020
Figueroa Carmen World Languages CFigueroa@geh.nj.k12us.com 609-652-1372
Flukey Kerry Science Kflukey@geh.nj.k12us.com Voicemail Ext. 5207
Foltz Serena Math sfoltz@geh.nj.k12us.com Voicemail Ext. 5102
Fortis Stephen Supervisor sfortis@geh.nj.k12us.com 609-404-2073
Foster Karen Science kfoster@geh.nj.k12us.com Voicemail Ext. 5230
Franklin-Kelley Mandy English MFranklin-Kelley@geh.nj.k12us.com Voicemail Ext. 5023
Friend Ed English Efriend@geh.nj.k12us.com Voicemail Ext. 5024
Fulton-Mager Pam Special Services Pfultonmager@geh.nj.k12us.com 609-404-2073 Ext. 2484
Gallagher Denise English Dgallagher@geh.nj.k12us.com Voicemail Ext. 5035
Galli Megan Science Mgalli@geh.nj.k12us.com Voicemail Ext. 5208
Garbutt Ron Math rgarbutt@geh.nj.k12us.com Voicemail Ext. 5110
Garrison Charles Performing Arts Cgarrison@geh.nj.k12us.com Voicemail Ext. 5607
Gatto Jeri-Lynn Administration jgatto@geh.nj.k12us.com 609-404-2015
Gawalis Meg Supervisor mgawalis@geh.nj.k12us.com 609-404-2073
Gehres Mike Health & PE Mgehres@geh.nj.k12us.com Voicemail Ext. 5513
Giannandrea Sally World Languages Sgiannandrea@geh.nj.k12us.com Voicemail Ext. 5025
Glick Michelle Math Mglick@geh.nj.k12us.com Voicemail Ext. 5112
Glickstein Mark Social Studies Mglickstein@geh.nj.k12us.com Voicemail Ext. 5313
Goodwin Greg Social Studies ggoodwin@geh.nj.k12us.com 609-652-1372
Gordon Lori lgordon@geh.nj.k12us.com Voicemail Ext. 3040
Greenwood Kathleen Math Kgreenwood@geh.nj.k12us.com Voicemail Ext. 5113
Gunther Lauren Supervisor lgunther@geh.nj.k12us.com Voicemail Ext. 3985
Haluska Michael Science mhaluska@geh.nj.k12us.com 609-652-1372
Harp Jeremy English Jharp@geh.nj.k12us.com Voicemail Ext. 5030
Harritopulos Jimmy Special Education Jharritopulos@geh.nj.k12us.com Voicemail Ext. 5419
Heenan Sharon Business Sheenan@geh.nj.k12us.com Voicemail Ext. 5703
Henshaw Tom Science Thenshaw@geh.nj.k12us.com Voicemail Ext. 5210
Higgins Carole Guidance Chiggins@geh.nj.k12us.com 609-404-2024
Howey Jaime English Jhowey@geh.nj.k12us.com Voicemail Ext. 5033
Huenke Richard rhuenke@geh.nj.k12us.com Voicemail Ext. 3911
Hullihen Cheryl Special Education chullihen@geh.nj.k12us.com Voicemail Ext. 5409
Hutchings Janet Special Education Jhutchings@geh.nj.k12us.com Voicemail Ext. 5423
Jones Patrick Special Education pjones@geh.nj.k12us.com Voicemail Ext. 5417
Kadetsky Kate Special Education Kkadetsky@geh.nj.k12us.com Voicemail Ext. 5426
Keeffe Lauren Performing Arts lkeeffe@geh.nj.k12us.com Voicemail Ext. 5605
Keeley Jana Fine Arts Jkeeley@geh.nj.k12us.com Voicemail Ext. 5611
Koch Vanessa Math Vkoch@geh.nj.k12us.com Voicemail Ext. 5116
Kosko Dawn Business Dkosko@geh.nj.k12us.com Voicemail Ext. 5704
Koury Cori Special Services ckoury@geh.nj.k12us.com Voicemail Ext. 3250
Kubiak Tara World Languages Tkubiak@geh.nj.k12us.com Voicemail Ext. 5317
Kurtz Sarah Science Skurtz@geh.nj.k12us.com Voicemail Ext. 5214
La Rocca Lizanne Related Arts Elarocca@geh.nj.k12us.com Voicemail Ext. 5612
Landgraf Amy Science Alandgraf@geh.nj.k12us.com Voicemail Ext. 5215
Landgraf Keith Special Education Klandgraf@geh.nj.k12us.com Voicemail Ext. 5428
Lee Elizabeth Health & PE Elee@geh.nj.k12us.com Voicemail Ext. 5515
Lewis Bill Special Education Wlewis@igeh.nj.k12us.com Voicemail Ext. 5431
Lodico Tina English Tlodico@geh.nj.k12us.com Voicemail Ext. 5012
Lomicky Catherine English clomicky@geh.nj.k12us.com Voicemail Ext. 5026
Lord Nancy Nurse Nlord@geh.nj.k12us.com Voicemail Ext. 3310
Lovitz Lynda llovitz@geh.nj.k12us.com Voicemail Ext. 3210
Mack Zachary World Languages Zmack@geh.nj.k12us.com Voicemail Ext. 5039
Madison Leslie Administration lmadison@geh.nj.k12us.com 609-652-1372
Malecki John Health & PE Jmalecki@geh.nj.k12us.com Voicemail Ext. 5518
Mancuso Celene Special Education Cmancuso@geh.nj.k12us.com Voicemail Ext. 5433
Matousch Don Related Arts Dmatousch@geh.nj.k12us.com Voicemail Ext. 5616
McConville Rob Social Studies Rmcconville@geh.nj.k12us.com Voicemail Ext. 5319
McLaughlin Kathy kmclaughlin@geh.nj.k12us.com Voicemail Ext. 3030
McNabb Ray rmcnabb@geh.nj.k12us.com Voicemail Ext. 3610
Melchiorre Lisa Nurse Lmelchiorre@geh.nj.k12us.com Voicemail Ext. 3320
Mesmer Sue smesmer@geh.nj.k12us.com Voicemail Ext. 3050
Messinger Nancy nmessinger@geh.nj.k12us.com Voicemail Ext. 3020
Montecalvo Pamela Special Education pmontecalvo@geh.nj.k12us.com Voicemail Ext. 5429
Monteleone Joseph Guidance JOmonteleone@geh.nj.k12us.com 609-404-2023
Morris John World Languages Jmorris@geh.nj.k12us.com Voicemail Ext. 5042
Murphy Sonya World Languages Smurphy@geh.nj.k12us.com Voicemail Ext. 5043
Murray Jennifer Science Jenmurray@geh.nj.k12us.com Voicemail Ext. 5216
Murray John Social Studies Jmurray@geh.nj.k12us.com Voicemail Ext. 5320
Murray Denise Math dmurray@geh.nj.k12us.com Voicemail Ext. 5320
Neely Christopher Social Studies Cneely@geh.nj.k12us.com Voicemail Ext. 5321
Nivar Sissi World Languages Snivar@geh.nj.k12us.com Voicemail Ext. 5045
O'Brien Dan Social Studies Dobrien@geh.nj.k12us.com Voicemail Ext. 5322
Ochs Candace Science Cochs@geh.nj.k12us.com Voicemail Ext. 5222
Ordille John Science Jordille@geh.nj.k12us.com Voicemail Ext. 5223
Pestritto Luz lpestritto@geh.nj.k12us.com Voicemail Ext. 3010
Piotrowski Mike Performing Arts Mpiotrowski@geh.nj.k12us.com Voicemail Ext. 5620
Porco Jonathan Performing Arts jporco@geh.nj.k12us.com Voicemail Ext. 5620
Quinn Robert Supervisor rquinn@geh.nj.k12us.com 609-404-2073
Ranck Lori English Lranck@geh.nj.k12us.com Voicemail Ext. 5050
Reina Christine Special Services Creina@geh.nj.k12us.com 609-404-2073 Ext. 2052
Robinson Kevin Health & PE Krobinson@geh.nj.k12us.com Voicemail Ext. 5522
Rockelman Ernie English Erockelman@geh.nj.k12us.com Voicemail Ext. 5052
Roesch Scott Health & PE Sroesch@geh.nj.k12us.com Voicemail Ext. 5523
Rohovie Nick Special Education Nrohovie@geh.nj.k12us.com Voicemail Ext. 5432
Rose Bill Health & PE Wrose@geh.nj.k12us.com Voicemail Ext. 5524
Rosenberger Carolyn English Crosenberger@geh.nj.k12us.com Voicemail Ext. 5054
Ross Christine Special Education Cross@geh.nj.k12us.com Voicemail Ext. 5444
Rynkiewicz Gregory English Grynkiewicz@geh.nj.k12us.com Voicemail Ext. 5055
Sabath Joe Special Education Jsabath@geh.nj.k12us.com Voicemail Ext. 5445
Salotti Kristin Math Ksalotti@geh.nj.k12us.com Voicemail Ext. 5120
Sartain Meg Social Studies Msartain@geh.nj.k12us.com Voicemail Ext. 5324
Sartorio Theresa Guidance TSartorio_AHS@geh.nj.k12us.com 609-404-2027
Scannell Shawn Special Education Sscannell@geh.nj.k12us.com Voicemail Ext. 5446
Scarlett Jo-Ann jscarlett@geh.nj.k12us.com Voicemail Ext. 3150
Schmid Ronald Special Education Rschmid@geh.nj.k12us.com Voicemail Ext. 5448
Schurtz Kathleen Special Education Kschurtz@geh.nj.k12us.com Voicemail Ext. 5449
Scuderi Dennis Health & PE Dscuderi@geh.nj.k12us.com Voicemail Ext. 5525
Sear Steve Math Ssear@geh.nj.k12us.com Voicemail Ext. 5122
Shiner Glynis Science Gshiner@geh.nj.k12us.com Voicemail Ext. 5228
Sneed Lydia English lsneed@geh.nj.k12us.com Voicemail Ext. 5228
Stillwell Mary Math Mstillwell@geh.nj.k12us.com Voicemail Ext. 5124
Stoklosa Connie Math Cstoklosa@geh.nj.k12us.com Voicemail Ext. 5125
Sullivan Maureen Fine Arts Msullivan@geh.nj.k12us.com Voicemail Ext. 5623
Susko Jason Supervisor jsusko@geh.nj.k12us.com Voicemail Ext. 3995
Swanson Sean Science Sswanson@geh.nj.k12us.com Voicemail Ext. 5229
Taylor Kathryn Special Services ktaylor@geh.nj.k12us.com Voicemail Ext. 3220
Tickle Brian Math Btickle@geh.nj.k12us.com Voicemail Ext. 5126
Tracey Meghan Health & PE Mtracey@geh.nj.k12us.com Voicemail Ext. 5527
Trudeau Michael Social Studies Mtrudeau@geh.nj.k12us.com Voicemail Ext. 5329
Vasile Kim English Kvasile@geh.nj.k12us.com Voicemail Ext. 5060
Wade Bonnie Guidance Bwade@geh.nj.k12us.com 609-404-2012
Walters Anne Math Awalters@geh.nj.k12us.com Voicemail Ext. 5128
Wastell Brian Social Studies Bwastell@geh.nj.k12us.com Voicemail Ext. 5330
Wessner Christina Math Cwessner@geh.nj.k12us.com Voicemail Ext. 5130
Wilbraham Michael Administration mwilbraham@geh.nj.k12us.com 609-652-1372
Willson Kathy Math Kwillson@geh.nj.k12us.com Voicemail Ext. 5131
Wilson Ben English Bwilson@geh.nj.k12us.com Voicemail Ext. 5061
Wischner Kelly Science Kwischner@geh.nj.k12us.com Voicemail Ext. 5232
Zaplitny Pam Math Pzaplitny@geh.nj.k12us.com Voicemail Ext. 5133